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Elevating Customer Experience at Every Step of the Customer Journey

Your potential customer is browsing online and stumbles upon your advertisement (ping). She clicks and lands on to your online store, which is neatly designed and easy to use (ping). Your live chat widget helps her around the website, and understands her requirements (ping). Based on which, a personal shopping is assigned to the customer, which helps her pick out a smashing pair of shoes (ping). Your website’s product specific checkout feature expedites the whole purchasing process, and also collects her email address for future purposes (ping). This newly acquired customer is assured of a possible exchange/return, in case she changes her mind about the purchase (ping).
Later that day, your customer tweets a picture of her new shoes and mentions your store (ping). She even recommends your website to other shoppers on (ping), as she’s feeling loyal towards your brand (ping). A couple of weeks later, you send her a promotional email (ping) that offers her a discount (ping) and reminds her of your brand and its core values (ping), eventually making them come back to your store again (ping ping)!

At every stage of a customer’s journey, there lies a unique opportunity for the brands to trigger a buying decision. These triggers are more commonly known as customer touch-points, or points of contact where the customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions. Brands are always looking for innovative ways to enhance their customer interactions, often experimenting with newer technologies to create experiences around one or more of the touch-points. The advent of regulations such as GDPR and PSD2 has further fueled the need for superior customer experiences. We are moving towards an era which will be dominated by standout customer experiences, with customer-centric solutions, and digitally advanced processes.

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