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Research Desk Outsourcing: White Paper & Case Study

The creation of an offshore platform for executing knowledge processes is rife with complexity, not in the least on account of the specialized nature of these processes and the subject-matter expertise as well as the robust systems that are required to contain them. There is a distinct lure of considerable cost savings which is sufficient to mask the efforts required in the implementation and the upfront setup costs. While caution must be obviously be exercised before leaping into such an extensive exercise, it is more important to take heed of several established practices that can ease the pain of executing this transformation.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a white-paper which outlines several tested procedures that can be readily prescribed to executives exploring the implementation of an outsourced research-desk. It also seeks to clarify how outsourcing knowledge processes is different from outsourcing business processes. Additionally, we’ve also included a case-study which explains how Phronesis implemented an outsourced research desk for a US based international research agency, servicing a host of industries for strategic research.

You can find the same in a PDF, here.

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