Disruptions Lead the Way!


FutureTECH is our research engine that looks to the future, by researching emerging trends and disruptive forces that are upending the landscape of businesses as we have known them. This is our most dynamic practice, whose service line is focused on identifying and diving deep into emerging trends and meta-trends. Building upon a sound knowledge base, we have created an express-desk for research and intelligence solutions in several disruptive fields. The range of services in this practice takes stock of the time-sensitive nature of the domain. Everything we do is geared towards helping our clients capitalize over the brief window of opportunities in today’s fast-moving world that is riddled with tech breakthroughs.


Focus Area


One of the most prominent sectors that have seen disruptions through digital technologies is finance. It is also the most dynamic and, we dare say, dramatic. Here, Silicon Valley upstarts are taking on Wall Street behemoths by unbundling their services and capturing niche markets where none could be recognized a few years back. Fuelled by the algorithmic brilliance that builds on domain expertise, innovators are not only poaching on the existing market of incumbents but creating new ones that are disrupting every aspect of money. Today, FinTECH is a diverse ecosystem which saw $12 billion in investments in 2014, a four-fold increase from the previous year.


Innovators around the world are creating tech solutions that enhance the government’s functioning, by maximizing the efficiency of its processes and optimizing the delivery of its services. Not only are governments showing interest, they’re also loosening their purse. With just the US government slated to spend upwards of $6.4 billion on citizen-facing digital technologies or CivicTECH (a subset of GovTECH), there is tremendous potential for growth, since this is just a sliver of the $140 billion that is annually spent on government technologies.


The Internet of Things or IoT is a set of technologies that are connecting the universe of devices, appliances, machinery, and other physical assets to the internet grid. As these devices start talking to each other, they will start making decisions on behalf of humans. Conservative estimates put the number of devices to be connected by 2020 at 25 billion that will support total services spending of $263 billion. With technologies already affecting every corner of the economy from professional services to retail to supply-chain and farming this invokes the imperative for understanding how IoT is going to impact your business.


The interaction of digital technologies with the healthcare and medicine ecosystem is creating a stream of innovative solutions. These are not only redefining how healthcare is delivered (patient-facing solutions) but what it is and to what extent it can provide wellness. Today, product-service combinations are creating an experience-centred wellness industry that is moving towards an outcome economy. Cutting edge innovations are making it possible to deliver personalized medicine, tissue regeneration and life-extension cures. Although tech adoption has been slow, the industry reported 125% YOY growth in VC funding in 2014.


  • Profiling: Profiling innovators, entrepreneurs, VC, angel investors, and KOL’s
  • News Alerts: Executive briefs and detailed reports on emerging technologies and innovations
  • Tracking services for:
    • New FutureTECH solution
    • M&A, exit, deal, and investment activity
    • News tracking for companies, entrepreneurs, and KOL’s
    • Movement of entrepreneurs and talent inside the ecosystem and attrition from the ecosystem
    • Uptake/Adoption of FutureTECH solutions in the market
    • Events and conferences
  • Innovation Assessment: Insights into assessing maturity/ uptake of Future TECH solutions
  • Innovation Barometer:
    • Assessing FutureTECH verticals where innovations intensifying
    • Identifying pressure-spots abd pain-points in the ecosystem
  • Innovation GPS
    • Which are the key markets where FutureTECH is making inroads
    • Assessing and profiling innovation hotspots around the world
    • Mapping the architecture of innovation hubs, including flows of capital and talent
  • Spill over-Effect Insights
    • Research to understand which other sectors might be affected by core tech disruptions and by advance in primary sector
    • Research to determine timeline of these “spill over-effect”
  • Tracking and analysis of social media trends
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