Engagement model

We understand the varied needs of our clients and hence offer multiple engagement models to choose from.


Dedicated Teams- Dedicated team model works for engagement size of three or more where the dedicated persons work as an extension of client team. The team is fully dedicated to the client and team members are trained on the client specific research and absorb the culture of the client enabling much better engagement. This is same as client having their own team in an offshore location


Block Hours- In this model, the client buys a defined number of hours every month and different persons work on the project depending upon the skill set requirement and availability of resources. This blends the cost effectiveness of dedicated team along with some flexibility of project based engagement


Project Based Engagement- This is suitable for one off support or where the client work is very cyclical or transaction based. Though the per hour cost is higher but it provides flexibility to client to engage the skill sets they require for a defined period of time