Research Support Services

Our Research Support Services is the integrated approach to support client teams with a complete range of back end services. Research support services include a range of activities such a processing data, creating impactful slides and converting ideas or thoughts into actionable reports. We provide these and many more services, which helps clients to focus on High Value activities while we continue to do the heavy lifting at the back end.

By providing a seamless integration of cost effective and high quality back end services to clients growth engine, we Simplify Growth for our clients.



Library Services- Central library to provide information services across multiple languages and data sources. The team has experience working with over 50 paid data sources along with multiple government and industry databases


Production Support Services- Includes graphics and desktop publishing support across various tools including word, powerpoint, photoshop, corel draw, illustrator, flash, html, quark and Indesign. The span of presentation services includes investor presentations, marketing material, pitchbooks, reports and information memorandum among others. The team also designs marketing collaterals, product information literature, white papers, brochures and flyers


Compliance Support Services- Internal monitoring support including documentation, mail monitoring or personal trading account monitoring


Dataroom Support- Setting up the dataroom along with managing the documents and permissions


Sources Management- Managing the contracts, renewal, access and usage of the third party data sources