Why Phronesis

Phronesis has been a partner of choice for many of clients due to variety of factors.


24×7 Coverage Model- Through a combination of onsite and offshore or purely offshore model, we can provide round the clock research coverage to the client teams


Language Support- Through in-house language resources along with external partnerships, we are able to provide research support in multiple languages


Robust Quality Processes- Our multilayered quality process ensures high quality deliverables ready to be integrated in client research


Generic As Well As Industry Specialist Models- We provide generic analysts who can conduct research across industry sectors or specialist analysts having deep knowledge in couple of industries, as per the need of the clients


Flexible Model- Our multiple engagement models provide clients with significant flexibility compared to hiring resources in-house


Cost Effective- Due to the low cost centre advantage, we are able to provide 50-70% cost arbitrage to the client compared to hiring inhouse resources