Bespoke analytics offerings for smart decision making

The convergence of data and technology today offers an opportunity for organizations to make smart and accurate decisions, which can help increase revenue and profitability. At Phronesis™ Partners, we understand the domains and indicators which our clients look for while making key strategic decisions such as investments, product launches, and designing marketing campaigns among others. We deliver a full range of analytics solutions for both integrated analytics teams and individual business units.

Our suite of analytics services can help businesses improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and streamline customer service efforts. Our bespoke analytics offerings can also help our clients across sectors respond more quickly to the changing business climate helping them gain a competitive edge over their peers. Our expertise and extensive experience in providing analytics services to clients across the globe allows our teams to derive insights from raw data with speed and efficiency.

Our suite of analytics offerings range from basic business intelligence (BI) and reporting to various forms of advanced analytics:

Exploratory Data Analytics

We help in finding patterns and relationships using statistical techniques to determine and validate the hypothesis about a data set.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

We help provide actionable information about key performance indicators, business operations, customers and more.

Data Mining

Through advanced analytics techniques of predictive modeling, we help sort large data sets to identify patterns and trends, which can predict customer behavior, equipment obsoleteness and other unplanned events. We also have capabilities to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to churn though data sets more quickly than conventional data analytics techniques.

Big Data Analytics

Our big data suite of solutions applies various data mining and predictive modeling techniques to unstructured data drawing actionable insights. We also have interpretive based big data capabilities such as text mining through which we are able to analyze documents, emails and other text based content.