Corporate & Consulting Services

Insight-based solutions with extensive cross-industry expertise


We work with companies of all sizes in all sectors worldwide, to service their strategy, research and analytics requirements, helping them to formulate and execute strategy, improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, and increase agility and responsiveness to changes in business conditions.

Our thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and their strategic objectives, coupled with our strong research qualifications, allows us to offer relevant, bespoke, best-in-class solutions. Our experience of servicing many of the world’s largest corporations with operations in most sectors and countries has enabled us to build extensive experience and gain valuable insights concerning how each business works – key skills our clients benefit from when they partner with us.


Many leading global consultancy and professional services firms trusts and partner with us, to help them deliver high-quality strategy formulations and other client services. Our longstanding research experience and extensive cross-industry expertise allows us to quickly adapt and deliver results even under the toughest operating conditions faced by our consulting and professional services clients.

Our research teams devise optimal insight-based solutions for consultant clients using a wide range of services, tools, and techniques that aid understanding of markets, customers, industries, and regions worldwide.

Phronesis has best practices to help overcome typical challenges faced by consulting organizations

We operate through a structure built for flexibility to manage variations in complexity, specialization, and timelines
The talent that is able to support complex problem-solving requirements
Dedicated resources able to adapt to lengthy, dynamic and high-pressure research environments
A multi-skilled resource model able to assist rapidly with short, varied, and rapid requests and extensions
We devise research solutions that accommodate changes in volume and optimize resource utilization
Best practice to handle spikes in volume and variations in requests while also complying with SLAs
The proactive team that not only responds to research requests but also provides valuable insights
Resource optimization where the Phronesis team increases its support of internal functions (e.g. business development or marketing) when other core research volumes are low, and vice versa
We map our offshore pyramid to each client’s own business and operating structure
Dedicated industry and service specialists at all grades able to integrate quickly with client teams and meet the intellectual requirements of all research tasks
An adaptable pyramid of skills and experience to suit the firm’s changing organization and focus areas
A pyramid that reflects the client’s larger commercial organization
Teams comprise researchers with extensive international commercial and analytical experience, fluent in multiple languages and possessing excellent communication skills to support effective operations within a global virtual team
Multi-language capabilities including French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian and Arabic etc.
Use of technology such as workflow and online collaboration tools to assist virtual teaming on deliverables
Global resources to support client teams at multiple locations through a single delivery window