Financial Research

Derive actionable insights and analysis from financial data

Our highly experienced financial analysts can help you derive actionable insights and analysis from financial data to make informed commercial decisions. From data management to complex financial modeling and analysis, our expert teams service a wide range of clients globally, from financial services firms to corporations. Using our high-quality support, clients can leverage offshoring rather than expanding teams in high-cost locations. Our 24/7 research model enables us to deliver round-the-clock support from global offices and reduces duplication of work.

Our knowledge and accumulated experience of closely working with investment banking and private equity firms allows us to meet your financial research needs seamlessly, providing not just data but actionable insights that enable you to focus on issues that matter.

Our Financial Research services includes:


Company Profiles

Quick or detailed player/intra-industry target profiles from 1 to 20 pages depending on the amount of information required and its intended use

Industry Thematic

Sector analysis based on structure, regulatory environment, trends, drivers, value chain, size, and players

Industry Deep Dives

Detailed potential asset analysis mixing primary and secondary research

Market Sizing

Market/sector/sub-sector sizing and estimation studies and scenario analysis

Country Profiles

Country, market/sector analysis based on structure, regulatory environment, demographic, macroeconomic factors, trends, drivers and inhibitors


Trading Comps

Relative valuation of a firm based on traded comparable companies. We maintain comps databases and also provide ad hoc support to client teams

Transaction Comps

Valuation of a firm based on historical market transactions. We maintain comps databases and also offer ad hoc support to client teams


Historical analysis of a firm or series of firms using financial and operating parameters

Capital Structure Analysis

Detailed capital structure analysis including debt maturity profile, ratings, costs and covenant tracking

Cost Structures

Cost structure analysis of firms or products for cost optimization or pricing purposes

DCF Valuation Model

Valuation of a firm based on its fundamentals including cash flow

LBO Model

Acquisition modeling of a firm based on significant debt components

Combination Analysis

Projection of post-acquisition business of a combined company

Sum of the Parts Valuation

Valuing a large diversified firm through valuation of each component business using relevant comparables

Football Field

Estimating a valuation range for a firm using a multiple valuation methodology


Target Screening

Identifying a firm’s existing universe, specifying filtering conditions, applying filters based on pre-decided client specific criteria


Compiling regular (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly) short or detailed news runs for a company/industry/country

Deals in the Market

Each day, tracking transactions (IPOs, FPOs, block trades and debt deals) within a sector and rumors of potential deals for delivery to client analysts in the form of a newsletter or database

Market Analysis

Daily/weekly updates on equity/debt capital markets including performance and major events and news

Company and Executive Profiles

Creating profiles of target companies and executives, together with tear-sheets used to prepare meetings

Business Development Support

Generating lists of contacts, events, research support for meetings/conferences and supporting key account management

Sales Intelligence

Providing actionable intelligence to help sales professionals, including on buying processes, decision matrices and drivers, incumbents, contract details and current experience