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Phronesis provides all research solutions that your business needs


  • Market Sizing
  • Market Entry Studies
  • Market Landscape Studies
  • Customized Thematics
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Opportunity Assessment


  • Financial Modelling
  • Credit Analysis
  • Trading & Transactional Comps
  • Capital Markets Overview
  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Earnings Call Review & Analysis


  • Industry & Sector Research
  • Identifying Disruptions & Trends
  • Executive & Company Profiling
  • Newsletters & Monitoring
  • Mergers & Acquisition Research
  • Rapid Research Support


  • Data Dashboard Maintenance
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Text Analytics
  • Regression Analysis


  • Presentation & Graphics
  • Editorial Services
  • Validation Services
  • Global Monitoring


Our global network of offices enables us to provide comprehensive coverage


We attract, retain and develop the best minds in our industry

Phronesis™ Partners has strong differentiators that enable us to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the industry. Most of our research teams and management have extensive experience provided by their professional background either in front-end consultancy firms or in corporate sectors or functions directly relevant to our clients. Consequently, we are well equipped to meet all diverse yet specialized requirements of all our customers whatever their industrial environment.

Phronesis™ Partners as an organization believes that focus on quality and continually improving the way we do research is a constancy of purpose where decisions such as whether a process can be bettered or flexibility can be improved are not situational but engrained in our ethos. Therefore, every analyst at Phronesis™ Partners is trained and empowered to continuously look for ways to provide analysis, intelligence and insights proactively. We also encourage all our team members to allocate dedicated time to rethink current research practices or processes and identify improvement areas. Innovation suffers when the focus is squarely on meeting short-term research delivery targets, which is why we train our people to also focus on the bigger picture and constantly assess potential areas where we can deliver improved quality, actionable insights, efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness.

Experienced teams from different sectors bring deep domain expertise

Highly qualified individuals at all seniority levels

Highest industry wide gender diversity in the workplace (50%)

Motivated teams who are ‘always there’ for clients, 24X7

We hire top talent (MBAs, CFAs etc.) from the best business schools. Our teams are comprised of highly motivated researchers able to solve problems and think innovatively and where necessary unconventionally, irrespective of the complexity of the brief. We believe that by combining these key professional skills with extensive, expert technical knowledge, our teams are best placed globally to:

Continuously challenge and question the status quo
Go beyond the brief to solve research problems and analyze strategic situations
Constantly improve research quality by accurately understanding the project’s ultimate objective, enabling researchers to identify and resolve sophisticated, often nuanced questions
Continually seeking efficiency improvements in all processes and deliverables
Proactively identifying innovations and disruptions that, while not material for current deliverables, may have implications for future projects


Phronesis™ Partners has a successful track record of partnering with clients in all regions and sectors and helping them to adapt to changing conditions and remain competitive as markets evolve. Our thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and their strategic objectives, together with our strong research reputation, ensures we devise relevant, best-in-class solutions that enable our clients to both grow and excel in today’s highly competitive, constantly developing marketplace.
Our comprehensive and detailed understanding of industry verticals in which our clients operate and our collective long established experience and expertise in research, analytics and consulting, help us to integrate our research teams and their respective methodologies into client operations, to deliver seamless, high impact solutions. In doing so, our research teams become extensions of the client’s own, providing a distinctive approach to problem solving and insight generation beyond routine tasks.
Over the years, Phronesis™ Partners has helped clients develop their growth strategies, understand market challenges, track and interpret moves by competitors, improve their own sales pitches and cycles, comprehend and mitigate risks, and establish sustainable competitive advantages. Our focus on quality has been the foundation stone of all our client engagements with training and constant monitoring conducted to ensure all research processes are exhaustive, timely and accurate.
With processes that reflect years of experience with clients during both small and large engagements, we deeply understand customer requirements and ensure that customized solutions are designed to reflect actual needs. Our process standardization and optimization procedures, templates and models are reusable and customizable, ensuring faster turnaround times, improved productivity, and higher quality. We are therefore able to deliver business outcomes that are both discernible and measurable within a short period.
Our extensive industry experience helps our clients leverage the most competitive strategy while growing their existing businesses, initiating new growth strategies, and maximizing cost efficiency. We work collaboratively with all customers and partners to generate valuable innovative insights and ensure that all research and allied activities fully reflect the most up to date information, innovation, intelligence, and insights.
We have built and managed research teams for our global clients that are flexible in their approach, size, skill sets and mandate. This differentiator has enabled us to maintain partnerships with clients facing constant internal or external changes who value our ability to develop and adapt our services to meet their own needs.
Our business has been built on integrity and transparency. Working closely with clients, we understand the importance of being open and honest on all issues and of the need for strong compliance and security frameworks as essential components of our service delivery model. Our growth with existing clients and our industry-leading customer retention rates testify to the willingness of those we serve to regard us as their trusted research and analytics partner.
We provide information, research, and analysis to clients in all major industries, geographical regions, and business functions. We approach every engagement by aiming to help clients meet not just their short-term research goals but also grow strategically and be successful. Our understanding of working together transcends individual projects so that our clients trust and value us as a true partner motivated to help them succeed rather than as a mere vendor or supplier of research.
Phronesis™ Partners invests in best-in-class infrastructure to ensure our research teams are fully equipped to handle all our client needs. We use only the most advanced technology, physical infrastructure, human asset development (training and development), and industry leading compliance and security protocols (ISO 27001). Consequently, our clients may confidently partner with us, not only to achieve short-term objectives but also to meet longer term growth targets.