Shared Services

Industry leading monitoring, presentation & graphics, editorial and validation services

Our best-in-class support facilities include Presentation & Graphics (P&G), Editorial, Validation and Monitoring Services.

Our Shared Services offerings include:

Monitoring Services

Phronesis™ Partners provides comprehensive situational monitoring services that cover the entire spectrum of business functions and information needs. Our specialized teams can track multiple channels, events, disruptions, policies and actions in every major global market to keep you appraised of actions (including statements) by your competitors, stakeholders, regulators and audience groups, and to show how these are shaping your business environment, both locally and globally.

Our expert monitoring teams can monitor and report on a wide range of sources of information:

  • Social Media
  • News Media
  • Blogs, Opinions, and Trends
  • Stocks, Listings, and Coverage
  • Regulations & Investors
  • Databases & Industry Resources

Presentation & Graphics Services

Our customized presentation and graphics services may be used to achieve your corporate objectives with visual impact and creative elegance. Our expert P&G professionals are adept at using industry-leading tools and techniques (MS PowerPoint, Graphic Design Illustrator and Photoshop, Quark and InDesign etc.) to improve your presentations and reports. Our P&G team can help you create high impact and visually stunning documents or uplift existing material that directly:

  • Influences key stakeholders
  • Shapes and defines perceptions
  • Raises brand awareness
  • Increases audience engagement
  • Drives profitable client action

Our clients have realized considerable cost savings by outsourcing their P&G requirements to Phronesis™ Partners, while also improving the content and presentation (both creative and formal) of their reports, presentations and other important documentation.

Editorial Services

Our professional editorial services ensure all your business publications use consistent and coherent language. Phronesis™ Partners’ editorial support services can help add value to all your internal and external documentation by optimizing vocabulary, checking grammar, clarifying presentation, and ensuring consistency with corporate house style requirements. This is particularly necessary where original texts are written by those whose first language is not English. By using our editorial resources, your intentions will be communicated both coherently and persuasively to their intended audience.

Our professional editors are adept at enhancing all 5 C’s of written English business writing:

  • Clarity – Rewriting awkward sentences, checking for relevance of text, headings
  • Concision – Eliminating wordiness, removing repetitions
  • Cohesion – Securing logical consistency (restructuring ideas), transition and flow
  • Consistency – Ensuring consistency of style and tone, formatting consistency (currency, digits, numerals etc.)
  • Correctness – Realizing grammatical accuracy, capitalization, word usage, punctuation, technical terminology, spelling, checking for sequencing (lists etc.)

Validation Services

Our validation and fact-checking services help you cost-effectively confirm and verify that your research and publication materials and their assertions are accurate prior to publication. Our expert team can:

Identify inaccuracies and inconsistencies or unsubstantiated statements to corroborate the accuracy of your research
Verify written material to ensure it conforms to originally cited sources and ensure data accuracy and argument rationality
Ensure proper logical flow using best practices such as the Minto Pyramid and MECE principle