Research and Delivery Processes

Phronesis teams follow robust and proven processes to ensure high quality deliverables along with positive experience for the clients. Some of these processes include.


Detailed And Structured Onboarding Process- We realize that it may be first experience to use a third party for research needs for many of our clients or their analysts. To ensure a smooth experience, we have a step by step process to onboard a client as well as various users so that they are aware about the expectations from them as well as the kind of response or output they will receive


Product Methodology Packs- We make product methodology packs in consultation with the client analysts which details the research process, sources to be used, format of deliverable along with the estimated time taken for that analysis. These packs are made for all the standard and recurring projects to ensure consistent delivery quality and minimal interaction need with the client analysts


Quick Response- We know that right and timely communication is very important in the research based projects. Hence, we acknowledge the client requests within an hour during the working hours of the team. The relevant analyst gets on call with the client to understand the requirements and expectations in the early part of project and keeps the client informed about the project progress while it is being worked upon


Quality Checks- Every research project at Phronesis goes through a rigorous quality check process to ensure high and consistent quality deliverable. Normally, a senior member of the team checks the work of an analyst in detail while the whole project is sanity checked by the Project lead


Transparent Research- The research done by Phronesis analysts is fully transparent and auditable by the client. The team provides the sources used in the deliverables itself and if required provides full scanned back of every information used in the analysis


Independent Feedback Process- There is an independent team in Phronesis which seeks feedback from the clients on parameters including quality, timeliness and communication process from the clients. The feedback is taken very seriously with client feedback being analysed by vertical head to improve the process to ensure high quality experience for the client and is discussed in the monthly / quarterly meetings with the client stakeholders