Business Research

We provide insights and not just data

Our business research services help our clients to obtain all information necessary for the efficient and effective conduct of their businesses globally. Our teams expertly provide data and insights to monitor and better understand the market and other developments that directly contribute to decision making.

Our teams have extensive experience in many sectors and regions based on previous projects conducted with most market leaders. We follow a unique approach to quality management by using dedicated domain/sector leads. Sector leads assist in knowledge transfer, monitor the quality of our research output and manage work progression by associates. Our flexibility to customize an engagement model, complemented by our analysts’ expertise, helps clients focus on nurturing business relationships and other value-added activities and leveraging their in-house resources more effectively by reserving their use for strategic projects.

Our Business Research services include:

Customized Industry & Sector Research

Our team’s extensive experience of covering every developed, emerging and frontier market, all major industries, and key and niche sectors and businesses ensures our research will enable you to better understand, monitor and react to developments and trends that impact your business.

Identifying Disruptions & Trends

Under current evolving market conditions, we help clients to identify early any disruptions and other trends that may adversely affect their business environment. Given our wide expertise in conducting studies on the impact of, for example, technology and AI on various industries, we are very well placed to help you understand where trends might lead.

Country, Company & Executive Profiling

We provide customized high-value research profiles that directly aid decision-making by corporations. Beyond basic factual reporting, these products generate actionable intelligence covering a wide range of business situations.

Competitive And Market Intelligence

We help to collect and analyze information to enable clients to predict likely competitive developments, look beyond market disruptions, and interpret events that directly impact the formulation of corporate and business strategies.

Business Development Support

From customer screening and profiling to analyzing and benchmarking competition and support in pitch development, our services are designed to help you win new business or develop existing client relationships.

Sales Intelligence

We help our clients in all domains and industries to develop actionable target lists, conduct detailed research on objectives shortlisted for strategic profiling, create compelling value propositions, and draft sales pitches.

Newsletters & Monitoring

Our customized newsletters help our clients to remain on top of market developments whether in local markets or globally. Our bespoke monitoring services enable you to gain valuable insights from news and social media that aid planning and decision-making regarding products, services, market positions, and other key business areas.

Mergers & Acquisition Research

Our bespoke research products can help you identify and evaluate potential M&A opportunities worldwide. Our M&A support teams have extensive experience in conducting due diligence and thorough assessments of a target’s internal and external business environment, competitive landscape, and financial modeling and valuations, to help clients devise effective M&A strategies and execution.

Rapid Research Support

Our rapid research services are designed to provide expeditiously required information, data, and analysis, to support critical client business decisions. From companies to consultancy firms, our customers trust us to deliver rapid specialist research that meets all their global business needs.